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Our History:
鈼?005: We established the factory for fiberglass insect screen.
In Spring 2005, Smartex factory was born, with 15 looms for weaving fiberglass window screen only. The main markets are domestic.
鈼?007: Smartex factory expanded its machines
In Sept 2007, Smartex factory installed 3 new warping machines, which is the vital step for improving mosquito screen quality on weaving levels.
鈼?008: Smartex factory installed a big heat-setting machine.
From that one, Smartex Factory set our screen ourselves, which enable us to control and test the fixing quality on insect screen strength and weaving quality.
鈼?009: Smartex factory installed 16 pvc-coating production line.
In Spring 2009, Smartex factory installed pvc-coated production line for coated glassfiber yarn, where we could control the yarn diameter. This is the most vital process for fly screen quality.
鈼?010: Smartex factory invent technolity of 3 standards of pvc-coating materials.
Through 6 years of research and experiment, we invented on pvc-coating technoligy. In this case, we could do normal standards, ROHS standards, REACH standards.
鈼?012: Smartex factory began to produce bettervue insect screen. Meanwhile, Smartex factory opened export office in qingdao city.
鈼?013: Smartex factory began to produce 0.28mm fiberglass stiff insect screen and bettervue stiff insect screen.
鈼?015: Smartex factory started to produce DIY insect screen window---pvc roller window.
At the same year, Smartex invested a new production line with aluminum cutting, extrusion and injection for spare parts assembling and packing, etc. Meanwhile, Smartex passed ISO9001:2015 and HD supply audit.
鈼?016: Smartex factory began to produce pool screen including fiberglass pool screen and polyester tuff screen and pet screen according to phifer quality standards.
鈼?017: Smartex factory began to produce pleated screen including pvc-coated polyester pleated screen, 100% polyester pleated screen, PP/PE pleated screen.
鈼?018: Smartex factory expanded the production for DIY insect screen kits. The whole range of products developed.
鈼?019: Smartex factory designed more models for european-style retractable screen kits.
鈼?020: Smartex factory passed BSCI.
Company Profiles:
Welcome to Smartex Screen Co, Ltd. Our office is in Qingdao City and our factory is established in 2005, we have a long tradition in the manufacture and supply of insect screen net, retractable insect screen window and door products and other garden fence and garden furnitures.
Our products are mainly including fiberglass insect screen, aluminum insect screen, fiberglass stiff insect screen, bettervue fiberglass insect screen, pool & patio enclosure insect screen, pleated screen mesh, polyster screen, pet screen, tuff screen, screen parts, wire mesh, retractable insect screen, garden fence, artificial leaf fence, beach chair, etc.
Due to our delicate quality and professional service, we have been enjoying great customer relations and good markets in Europe, America and Australia etc. Our company's foundation is based on an extensive technical and production know-how from Smartexscreen as well as on a strong sales, marketing and management experience. That's why we are able to present you quality products with a quality service.
In order to produce high-level quality, we have excellent equipments, perfect craftsmanship, scientific inspection skill. Every product are strictly inspected according to its international standard. To insure the goods reaching our customers' hands in good condition, our professional team and QC department spare no efforts in every procedure, from material selecting and processing to packing and shipping.
Company Culture:
We assist our value customer to design and develop their products by standing on the Creativity & Innovative foot. We manufacture the products of our customer with Quality Assurance, Delivery Accuracy & Cost Effectiveness.
Our Factory:
Smartex factory covers an area of 49,500 square meters, which has the complete production line with over 15 years history of fiberglass screen, polyester window screen, polyester pet screen, pleated screen, tuff screen, pool screen, insect screen window and screen door, etc. We currently have 10 technical engineers, 25 technical personnels, 5 designers, 200 workers in our factory.
Smartex factory possessed the whole production line for insect screen and insect screen window and screen door. They include 16 pvc-coating lines for yarns, 5 warping machines, 120 looms including 48 imported advanced looms, 2 heat-fixing machines, 30 inspection tables, etc. As for assembling line, we have production line for pvc extrusion and pvc injection, production line for aluminum cutting and mesh cutting and mesh rolling, production line for assembling, packing and shrinking, etc.
Smartex factory has passed ISO9001-2015 quality certification, considering 鈥淨uality is essential鈥?as its cultural concept, abide by鈥淨uality first, Scientific management, Exploration and Innovation鈥?as operating principle, strives to keep itself as enterprise responsible to society and nation.
Smartex factory has turnover of 30 million square meters screen nets and 700 thousand kits of screen window and screen door. Due to our big development capability, we have a wide range of insect screen production exceeding 50 different european-favorite products.
Our Product:
Our products are fiberglass window screen, fiberglass insect screen, mosquito net roll, pool screen enclosure, pool screen enclosure, pet resistant screen, Pleated insect screen
Roller fly screen
Window screen frame
Pleated window screen
Insect screen window
Retractable insect screen
Roll up fly screen
Insect screen door
Plisse screen door
Door screen curtain
Magnetic screen door curtain
Our main markets are Western Europe, America, South America, Central America, Africa, Oceania,Southeast Asia etc.
Product Application:
Our products are used in roller shutters and sun protection system, Gardens, window and door hardware, window and door construction, pool screen enclosures, outdoors, etc.
Our Certificate:
Obtained ISO9001 certificate in 2015;
Passed HD audit in 2015;
Acquired BSCI certification in 2020
Passed products testing of REACH, ROHS.
Passed CE certifications in 2018
Obtained GREENGUARD gold certification program
Production Equipment:
1.16 PVC-Coating yarn production lines
2.5 fiberglass and polyester yarn warping machines
3.120 looms including 48 imported 3.4m advanced looms, 44 national 3.3m looms, etc.
4.2 heating production lines
5.40 inspection tables
6.10 Aluminum extrusion and coating lines
7.4 PVC extrusion line
8.4 PVC injection machines
9.20 sewing machines
10.2 self-auto cutting-mesh and welding machines
11.2 self-auto aluminum-cutting machines
12.4 assmbling production lines
13.3 shrinking film machines
Production Market:
Our products are popularly sold to Western Europe, America, South America, Central America, Africa, Oceania,Southeast Asia etc. We sell about 20 million US Dollars each year, of which, we sell to largest supermarkets, big famous brands, etc.
Our Service:
1) SGS/TUV/CE certified, ROHOS/reach testing quality conformance.
2) Meeting with China鈥檚 Environmental protection, ensure non-stop production during the season.
3) Design and R&D Capability - total of 10 R&D Desirers and Engineers for us to able to launch new products.
4) High Efficiency Delivery Schedule - When we received the customer's order, the production of raw materials and the mold are completed on the first month. Delivery completed at the end of the second month.
5) We have our own logistic company, in which, we could supply superior shipment service directly to your warehouse. Door-to-door service is available.
15 years of production experience
Plant area: 50000 square meter
22 production lines
Total staffs: 400 people
6) Multiple insect screen nets for option to suit all your needs.
7) More than 10 quality testing reports concerning quality aspects and 2 patents on our company design.
8) Quality Assured Products - Our company has more than 10 years of experiences in research and production in insect screen, garden products.
9) We are real factory both for raw materials and processed DIY products, which make us provide competitive products with controlled quality service.
10) Cost Effectiveness Solution - Because the company has rich purchasing resources and management experience, so the purchase cost and production have been controlled effectively
11) Quality control system: ISO 9001 and HD SUPPLY/OBI quality control system provide satisfactory quality standards.
12) Strict testing measures to ship cargos with zero problems.basement cover price
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